Wednesday, 28 October 2015

what i've been loving: October

October's almost over so I'd thought I'd share some of my favourites for this month because I've been loving a few things this month and I guess it would be kind to share them! :) 

Tv shows and movies: 

The vampire diaries
I finally started this series and I am absolutely loving it. I can never really explain tv shows or movies very well so I'll just skip and you can take my word and watch it, if you're late to the bandwagon too! 

Harry Potter movies
It's actually really hard to believe that I had never watched any of the Harry Potter films ever. I used to get so much hate from my friends because of it obviously sarcasm but I would never know what they were talking about. I decided that I would watch the first one one day and ended up watching all eight of them. I can definitely see the hype and it's definitely worth the almost whole day watching them. 

Yep never had watched this before either oops.  Oh my goodness. This was so amazing and really got me into the Halloween spirit. I watched it the first day of October and have watched it another like 3 times since, it would have been many more if it weren't for school and concerts and all that jazz. If you're still not in the Halloween mood i would definitely go and watch! 

This is honestly my favorite homemade drink this month, it taste just like Starbucks hot chocolate with a pump of peppermint. It tastes like Christmas and it just makes me happy and helps me relax. If I'm making the regular hot chocolate, I add some cinnamon to it to give it a nice sweet taste. 

Options hot chocolate mint/ regular


Soap and glory flake away  

This was given to me a present and I am so thankful. Although it looks so nasty it actually smells so good. I use it once a week or more if I have a special event and it just removes all the dead skin and helps your legs stay much more smoother and if you self tan, it stays on longer and goes on much better! It's about £10 for a tub so it's not too pricey! 

Naked 3 pallette by urban decay 

I bought this a while back but I think the colours in it are perfect for fall. I love the rose kind of colours in it, especially limit! I've been using the pallette everyday I wear makeup and I've gotten so many compliments on my eyes! 


Home  (Perfect EP)  }
Infinity.                      }  One Direction 
Perfect                      }

Sorry -justin bieber 

Confident- Demi Lovato (Album) 

Until next time.. 
Katy x 

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