Monday, 16 November 2015

L'Oreal Infallible 24h matte foundation- first impression and review! (Oily skin)

Today im just going to do a small review on the fairly new foundation from L'Oreal! The infallible 24 hour matte foundation. I thought I wouldn't like this foundation to begin with because nothing could beat my no7 beautifully matte. But I actually reall do like it, I think it might be an everyday foundation if it continues to perform this way. 
So I should probably stop rambling and just get into the demo. 

L'Oreal says: 
"Introducing New Infallible 24H Matte Foundation by L'Oréal Paris. 
A matte result that lasts up to 24 hours. 
Clinically proven; waterproof, steamproof. 
All the comfort, none of the shine. Perfect coverage. No Cakey effect. 
Easy to apply, enriched with perlite technology, and reduces the appearance of shine up to 24 hours."

I thought I should probably show you guys my bare skin before any makeup, just to show the coverage it gives. 
So as you can see, I have a lot of acne scars, and some active breakouts. The other side of my face is near enough the same as this side too! 

I applied the foundation with a beauty sponge from Claire's accessories, and blended it down my neck with the real techniques buffing brush

Excuse my horrendous brows but, this is the foundation alone with no powder or concealer or anything on: 
As you can see there are still some blemishes and scars peaking through, but most redness and scars are covered. The finish is definitely matte. The foundation feels so nice and is so lightweight. And felt like I wasn't wearing anything to be honest. 

So I went ahead and put the rest of my make up on, I was quite busy this day so I wanted to do quite a full face just to see how it would last. You can see the look here:(

I took no blotting sheets or powder with me so the next few pictures are just the makeup and how it lasted. There were no touch ups or anything! 

5pm- I kind of started to get a bit oily at this point, but that's normal for any foundation I wear. The foundation wasn't wearing off anywhere so that's a good sign! I have no eye makeup on at this point because I had cried it off due to some drama hahaha!

8pm- at this point I think the foundation had a really good wear time. My no7 beautifully matte would normally be quite oily at this point too. The foundation came off a bit after blowing my nose, but it didn't come of much when I touched my face. Around my nose was kind of sweated off- but this happens with all foundation I use. As you can see it's super oily around my t-zone and cheeks. 

Final verdict: 
I really like this foundation. It was only £7.99 and I think it's so so good for how inexpensive it is. In my opinion it lasted really long, Longer than most foundations on my super oily skin. If you're looking for a new foundation and have oily skin or even any kind of skin, I'm sure you'll love this foundation too! I think it will definitely become my go to foundation! 

Until next time, 
Katy. x 

FLC- *this post is not sponsored, nor were the products sent to me. I bought all products mentioned with my own money. 
And my thoughts on all products are my own honest opinion. *

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  1. WOW this stuff looks like it works wonders! Ive never been big on foundation but this might be worth a try. Have a good thanksgiving!