Monday, 26 October 2015

falling in love with autumn

I absolutely love autumn, it's my favourite time of the year. I love being able to pull my woolly jumpers and boots out and the fact the jumpers are still so comfy and soft after years is amazing. I love the changing scenery, the leaves changing from vibrant green to rusty orange and hazelnut brown to fall on the ground and strolling through whilst the crunch of the leaves are so satisfying. Darkness falls earlier each day and the Christmas spirit creeps in slowly but surely. cold drinks are left behind in the summer and hot chocolate, lattes and teas are brought back. (because who wants brain freeze in the colder seasons?) i love dark lips and neutral eyes. gloves hats and scarves. (i live in the UK it's freezing in autumn) seeing your breath in the air. Halloween. pumpkins. candy apples. pumpkin spice candles (and of course latte).i love autumn walks, it feels as if you have an umbrella of golds, reds, oranges browns over your head, everywhere you walk- well at least if there's trees. i just love the atmosphere and obviously the scenery. the photo opportunities there is overwhelms me. the crisp wind with the delightful smell of pumpkin pie gushing through the air. i love autumn.


  1. I agree Autumn and Winter in the UK are the best! I love all the spice candles that come out and when the leaves and twigs snap underneath your feet when you walk.

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