Thursday, 5 November 2015

Morning routine (school edition)

I love watching these kind of YouTube videos and reading blogs so I thought I should take a shot and make my own! This is a typical school day and obviously doesn't happen every single day, but most days. 

So when my alarm deafens me in the morning i obviously turn it off because it's the worst part of my day and I'm sure you'd all agree! I lie in bed just thinking about how much I hate school and scrolling through my social media for 5-15 minutes depending on how many times I hit snooze. I then attempt to roll out of bed and usually hurt myself or walk into a few doors in the process of taking myself to the bathroom. 
When I get to the bathroom I just do my business.(tmi) I shower every night so I have more time to sleep in the mornings which is always an advantage for people who aren't morning people! 
I brush my teeth (and braces-sucks to be me) with Colgate maximum protection toothpaste. It's a toothpaste there's not much to say about it. I like it and it cleans my teeth I guess that's what you want in a toothpaste. I then carry out my skincare  routine. I wash my face with the clean and clear advantage foam wash. I love this so much, it smells really good, but it doesn't make my skin break out more because of the fragrance with is good. It definitely cleans my skin and helps control my acne. After I just exfoliate my face, I usually change up my exfoliator, but currently I'm using witch naturally clear exfoliating wash. This really helps my skin clear up and really takes the dirt and bacteria out of my pores and makes my skin so soft. I put on a light layer of moisturiser before I apply my makeup. I just do the routine I already posted every day. ( I then just go with one of my go to hair styles! (Post will also be coming soon) I then just head downstairs into the kitchen and grab something to eat. It's usually just a cereal bar or something really quick because I usually don't have time. Then I just grab my bag and leave for school unfortunately! 

So this post actually took a really long time, but I really enjoyed it. I think I'm gonna do some more routines in future posts! Let me know what you guys think and what kind of posts you would like to see!:) 
Until next time. 
Katy. x 

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